On October 4 2011 20 members of the Dutch Nutrient Platform signed an agreement with the Dutch government to work together to enable the sustainable use of phosphate. The agreement was signed by very diverse parties varying from the fertilizer & phosphate industry, operators of waste water treatment plants, NGO’s and research institutes. All parties stated their ambitions for the coming years and these ambitions are high! Phosphor producing company Thermphos wants to run on 100% secondary phosphate by 2020. Sludge incinerators SNB and HVC want to recycle 50% of all phosphate from sewage sludge by processing their ashes. Fertilizer company ICL wants to use 100% secondary phosphate by 2025. Also important ambitions were declared on recovery of phosphates from manure. Hopefully this agreement will catalyze the sustainable use of phosphate in The Netherlands in the coming years. More information can be found on the website of the Nutrient Platform. The agreement (in Dutch) can be downloaded via this link.

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