AIFORO works with you on solutions and opportunities for sustainability in the use and reuse of water, resources and energy. AIFORO can support your projects as a consultant or project manager.

AIFORO wants to be more than just a consultant and has the ambition to stimulate the introduction of new technologies that enable a sustainable use of water, resources and energy. Therefore AIFORO can act as an intermediate between research and practical applications. For this AIFORO will develop strategic business cases for new technologies and support the route to a first launching customer. AIFORO is willing to invest time in such new developments.

AIFORO is run by Leon Korving. Leon holds a masters degree in chemical engineering from the University of Twente (Cum Laude) in The Netherlands and has more than 15 years of experience with the introduction of sustainable technologies. Leon’s core expertise is the valorization of sewage sludge and reuse of phosphates.